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Announcing the Solar Resource Tool – a part of The Solar India Project

March 5, 2011


Solar Resource Tool (SRT) is an easy-to-use, visualization tool for solar radiation for any location in India. SRT is front end, a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to the NREL developed hourly solar insolation data for India.

The Solar India Project

April 22, 2010


Prologue: Have you ever run into information dead-end on the web while researching certain ‘green’ topics or sustainable initiatives in India? I know it is limiting to just stick with the WWW but it’s the first place we tend to look, especially if you are living outside of India. Most times, I find bits and […]

NREL’s Open PV project

April 18, 2010


Just when I had started working on creating a SHW database for India, I come across this awesome open-source PV database/map. Not only has this encouraged me to keep working on the SHW database but also given me a couple of ideas that helped clear my head and how I should go about the SHW […]

Dubai’s expanding boundaries

April 15, 2010


A follow up post on mapping Dubai’s expanding boundaries. Here is a slideshow that shows Dubai’s growth over time. These maps were created as part of a class assignment along with my team mate Andrea Fisk. All Rights Reserved. Click here to read the ‘Mapping Dubai‘ post

Mapping Dubai

April 15, 2010


First in a series of posts on visualization and information mapping. These are a series of research based maps created in 2008 on the (un)sustainable practices in Dubai. The first map is called ‘Population Growth: Stratified Diversity’. It tries to capture 3 things: Dubai’s growth timeline with major events, growth in population and the diversity […]